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Imagine each of your property listings with its own custom designed web site, filled with beautiful full color, high resolution photographs presented in a gallery, room by room, or camera angle layout with a schematic of the home. To see what this would look like select the link below.


Why choose View to Arizona for your real estate/MLS listing photography?

I recently reviewed 1000 local MLS listings to evaluate the pictures available for those listings. About 95% of the photos were unhelpful in their portrayal of the property. They were either too dark, out of focus, too small, or did not highlight the selling points of the listing. Today's buyer wants to be able to evaluate as many homes as possible before taking up valuable time with visits to properties that don't meet their needs. One of the best tools the buyer can have is professional quality photos for the listings they are interested in. Listings with no photos or bad photos will just be ignored. View to Arizona's photographer has photos which have been featured in the 12 News Weather Calendar and other national publications. Our Arizona photography has been recognized around the world for it's beautiful portrayal of Arizona's landscapes.

Why choose View to Arizona's web solutions?

Other companies may offer you 360 degree "tour" photo applets. Generally these are Java applets that often don't run on client's computers or are quirky to operate at best. They are often slow and only offer a limited number of rooms and small photos. Our solution is to provide 25-100 or more high resolution photos of your listings. These photos can then be displayed in an interactive web site with point of view camera angles on a schematic blue print. This way, a client can see every room of a house in high resolution photographs. In addition, View to Arizona will build a custom web site for each listing and include maps, resource links, features and upgrades lists and more! We'll even give you your own email address. Imagine how impressed your clients will be when they visit such a great site! View to Arizona's web designer has created web designs for many government agencies and top private companies.

Why Choose View to Arizona's print services?

While others may only give you standard two-color boring business cards or standardized fliers, we offer customized and personalized full color glossy business cards. If you have photos you would like to use on your cards, we'll be glad to incorporate them in the design, or we will take new ones for you. Your cards and fliers will get noticed! Don't settle for photocopied black and white sign fliers when you can provide potential buyers with full color information and photos that will be sure to help them buy.

"The Focus is always on you and your listings."

With multiple listing and referral discounts, and plenty of options and packages, there is always something we can do to help you sell your listings fast, and help you to build your clientele.

"According to Nielsen/NetRatings, about 15 percent of the active Internet population visited a real estate or apartment site last April, up 26 percent from a year earlier."

"Listing sites are a dime a dozen now because they don't differentiate your site anymore," said Mark Lesswing, the association's vice president for Realtor technology. "You need to supplement property listings with local information, mapping, blogs to educate the consumer."

- Reuters

"View2AZ has some of the greatest photos I've ever seen. They are crisp, clear and sharp. You will not find a better photographer."

Paul Dickerson - Realtor

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